President Muizzu, Photo: PresidencyMaldives

Maldives pres seeks amendment to hold main elections together

President Mohammed Muizzu announced plans to submit a proposal to parliament by the end of the year to amend the constitution, enabling simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections.

Speaking at the PNC's Sunday evening meeting, Muizzu outlined his vision for reducing government expenditure through this change.

The President highlighted the significant costs of recent elections, with the last parliamentary elections costing over MVR 120 million and the previous presidential election exceeding MVR 180 million, totaling MVR 300 million.

Muizzu argued that holding both elections together would be the most cost-effective approach, saving MVR 120 million in state expenditure. He suggested that the saved funds could be redirected towards economic and social projects, such as relocating residents from smaller islands to larger ones.

"The most beneficial way for the people is to hold the presidential and parliamentary elections simultaneously. Therefore, hopefully within this year, I will propose this amendment to the Constitution," he stated.

Emphasizing the need for a public referendum to pass the amendment, Muizzu called on citizens to support the initiative. He also stressed the importance of responsible spending and ensuring that the government is fully representative of the people through elections.

The proposed amendment aims to streamline the electoral process and enhance fiscal responsibility in the governance of the Maldives.