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Customs Requires Installing Tracking Devices in Safaris Transporting Alcohol and Pork

The Maldives Customs Service has revised its regulations, now stipulating that tracking devices must be installed on safaris transporting alcohol and pork products.

This announcement was made by the Maldives Customs Service yesterday.

Originally introduced in 2018, these regulations were aimed at monitoring the movement of goods and vessels under Customs control.

The recent amendment, passed on February 29 and enforced on March 15, broadens the application of vessels required to have tracking devices.

According to the updated regulations, tracking devices are now obligatory for:

  • Safaris transporting alcohol and pork products
  • Vessels authorized to anchor in local harbors
  • Local vessels transporting goods to vessels under Customs control

Customs authorities reiterated their dedication to monitoring vessel movements, stressing enforcement actions against non-compliance.

Any vessels found to be violating the regulations will be intercepted, and appropriate measures will be taken by Customs services.